nancy drew? love her. i just love the way she *clenches fist* draws all those frickin nancies

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Hey, Clue Crew! Wikipedia is having a difficult time with the Nancy Drew games. For a while they were considering deleting all of the Wikipedia entries on the games because the games “were not notable enough” (See more about this here). Apparently the articles are poorly written and do not contain enough sources, so if any of you are talented with such things, I suggest you help out in getting these articles up to snuff for the Wikipedia staff. Thanks, friends! <3

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nancy: what will you major in?
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little nancy drew things: regarding everyone with heightened suspicion post-RAN because you never know if they could be dwayne powers

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Happy Almost-Fall Clue Crew! To Celebrate, I’m rounding up all my autumny recipes in one post. Here we go:

Fall Favorites:

Back-to-School Time Lunches:

Hearty Meals to Warm You Up:

Rich, Chocolatey Goodness:

Happy harvest-season the best time for eating delicious food is NOW! :)

all I want to do is buy LIE oh my god


kinda planning on getting it around Thanksgiving break…so 7 more weeks… 


nancy drew + myers briggs (introverts)


and have a bonus quigley, because why not

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mistermetropolis replied to your post: I’m filling out e-signatures for my ne…

OMG That’s her handwriting!!!!

Nancy’s forgin’ my siggy, man

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I’m filling out e-signatures for my new job and the font that they use to show your “signature” is brush script and I just can’t stop thinking 

((even though I’m not sure if they ever used that font for specifically Nancy’s handwriting ))



I wonder what ND game number 100 would be like 

the year is 2040. frank still hasn’t told nancy how he feels. carson works out how to use the front facing camera on his phone and uses a picture of himself as a profile pic. ned sits alone in an empty room playing with an acorn and texting nancy about it. nancy finally buys a new shirt

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what is up my brethren

wait what’s the female version of brethren

you know what not important

here is the dealio: since i am but a very poor college student currently in-between jobs, i might not be able to preorder lie (cue boos)

so, if/when i get access to a copy and beat it, i shall be back

in the meantime, i have blacklisted everything even remotely related to this game and i will not be logging on here again for an undetermined amount of time


Subtle :l 

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Something I found while looking through my ND doodles. I think I intended to draw the whole game like this, but then became aware of how stupid it was and stopped, ha ha.

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