I don't like you. You break things.

I “bought” a free trial for ancestry last week so I’ve spent the past couple days researching mine and my boyfriend’s ancestry, but his is way more interesting tbh so I’ve been spending most of my time on his

And I just had a total Penvellyn moment because I saw that my boyfriend’s great (x5) grandfather was named after his father but was the SECOND Charles Cloutier in that specific nuclear family because his younger brother of the same name died as an infant three years before he was born 

And I just pictured myself telling my boyfriend that and being like “blah blah blah BUT THEN HE DIED, blah blah blah” in a creepy Jane voice

((Okay that was a ridiculous story with no point but you know, whatever right?))

I had a dream about Nick Falcone… typical

I swear on cheeseburgers



If Shattered Medallion doesn’t start its opening scene with Sonny riding up on a motorcycle (notice how I didn’t say Harley) I’m talking about one of these bad boys

and then taking off his helmet in slowmo with his beautiful blue hair flowing in the wind to this playing in the background then I will be greatly disappointed 

You know HeR, I’m still not letting this dream go. This needs to happen


The real question

Herinteractive: Making kids pick their ships before they were even thinking of dating in real life.. and then suffer with the feelings of their otp forever



Can we talk about how dangerous the stuff nancy did in DED actually is like nancy repaired a fucking tesla coil that killed one of the geniuses of the field and she has NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. she has like 2 books and she’s like “lol I knew mason was talking about the wireless transmission of energy that one time I’m totally capable”
I know nancy does stuff she’s completely unqualified for all the time but REALLY NANCY THIS IS A LITTLE EXTREME


Headcanon: Minette has another tattoo. It’s right below her bellybutton and says “Sonny wuz here!” It’s pretty obvious who talked her into getting it. Sonny promised her that he would get a matching one with her name, but he backed out. He was then fired.



Making fun of your internet friends like


to all of the notes from people who don’t play nancy drew






We’re making this into a bit of a drinking game.

So we’re taking a drink every time:

  • Someone gives us a task
  • Nancy takes something that isn’t hers
  • Nancy says something like “it’s locked”
  • Nancy says something…

Thanks both of you :) ugh I just did NOT get enough sleep last night for a surprise like that, I was/am so out of it today lol. Time to go find a cat to pet now!

hey this isn’t nancy drew related but does anyone have advice for overcoming extreme embarrassment… (i. e. a botched phone interview)


I love how the yurei has her nails painted.
“Just because I’m dead don’t mean I can’t get my nails did!”


Mason Quinto

Ah… perfect. Every gem in this ring is in a nice, orderly, Mason-approved line. (I still think that messing with his stuff should net you a game over - since he would probably realize it was you and then kick you out of the office. Instead, you get an award. No fair.) You can check out the ring here!


carson is slowly taking over the world


from this:

to THIS:

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